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The Shadow Effect Course by Debbie Ford

918detail The Shadow Effect Course by Debbie Ford

Are you ready to feel better about yourself?

We all have a dark side…. We try to hide it from ourselves and others.  We often do things unwittingly and then feel guilty – maybe forever.  

The choices we make today and the feelings we have about those decisions are likely to impact our choices for years to come. We  learn and grow from mistakes and past experiences, ours  or those of others.  So it’s important to recognize and understand those experiences.

We all want “personal transformation,” but actually doing it can be intimidating.  What are the steps? What the heck do you DO?

It’s a challenge to change habits and beliefs.  Yet, they play such an intrinsic role in personality and spiritual development that it is imperative to shed what is holding you back – so that you CAN move forward. 

“But my life is different…”

You’re right. No ivory-league guy pontificating at you is going to help when you’re up to your neck in things to do and people expecting things yesterday from you.  Chores stacking up and now you have to figure out how to fix yourself?

Debbie Ford lived a hard life in her 20′s and early 30′s.  She lived in the trenches.  Whatever unspeakable street experiences you can think of, she probably lived them. In many cases, she may have even DONE them.  Having lived a life so utterly dark before she transformed herself to be a beacon of light, there’s no better mentor than Debbie Ford.

We all carry some type of emotional baggage by the time we are fully functioning adults – lots of it. That may include guilt, sorrow, regrets, angst and grief along with a seemingly infinite number of other issues.  We need to become aware of these feelings, instead of burying them.  And we need to mitigate them to achieve real and lasting success.

About the Course

5497 c1 The Shadow Effect Course by Debbie FordThe Shadow Effect course is a down-to-earth, accessible guide for real people.  It gives you clear steps to create a stronger sense of self.  When you love and respect yourself, others will do so as well and you’ll have healthier relationships all the way around.  Much of the fear, doubt, guilt and self-recriminations that were common in your earlier relationships will disappear.

Debbie teaches you identify low self-esteem and  harmful habits – and how to remedy them.  Negative aspects of your innermost thoughts and feelings did not form in a day or as the result of a single experience. Thus, you need to absorb and incorporate the new ideas and habits in a way and a time that is appropriate for you, without overwhelming your burgeoning new approach to life.

In this course, you’ll also learn how important introspection, conversation and an internal audit will be for true success.  You’ll stop creating and adhering to false limitations and you’ll stop damaging your future success. 

Embracing Your Shadow Side

You’ll have eight powerful lessons at your fingertips to refer back to over and over again: 

  1. Envisioning a New Future
  2. Discovering the Shadow that is Stopping You
  3. What Keeps You from Your Authentic Self?
  4. Own Your Power
  5. Letting Go of Stress
  6. Finding the Gold in the Dark
  7. Stepping Into Your Greatness
  8. The Miracle of Forgiveness

Are you ready to feel better about yourself? 

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Based on the books, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers,Why Good People Do Bad Things, and The Shadow Effect.