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The People Speak with Basima Farhat

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Tuesdays 7 PM (PST)

The People Speak Radio is concerned with a passion for guests from the realms of entertainment, the arts, literature, philosophy, politics, activism, healing, and environmentalism. All of the guests are united by a desire to share their experiences, work, organizations and talents with others. Through a live, hour-long format featuring host/guest interviews and a segment of audience questions for the guest, the goal is to entertain, involve, inform, perhaps, even inspire.

I envision The People Speak as a way of self-empowerment for not only myself, but many others and I hope that anyone who may stumble across our shows, may find a few moments worthy of their attention.

In the end, perhaps what these shows most represent — the heartfelt efforts of those that tried.

Host: Basima Farhat

basima The People Speak with Basima FarhatBasima Farhat is a writer, a poet and as a master healer in the art of Reiki. She teaches meditative practice in the area as a spiritual counselor. Her Corporate workshop S.O.S., Stop Ongoing Stress deals with creative change in high-pressure work areas and she is currently working on a number of projects in the field of human potential development. Basima has recently completed a screenplay call the Tatesville Casket Company whose subject matter deals with the death and dying process.

A well know poet and peace activist in the Michigan area, Basima has been invited by numerous organizations for poetry readings within the cultural community, most recently reading in the same venue as Tony Award winning poet Suhair Hamad, sponsored by the Palestine Office a grassroots peace organization that has hosted many political leaders, such as Dr Mustafa Barghouti, Micheal Tarazi, Allison Weir.

Host: Jeannette_LaFeve

Jeannette LaFeve2 The People Speak with Basima FarhatJeannette is specially trained in radio broadcast and announcing through Columbia School of Broadcast. She also has a Associate in Applied Arts in theater/acting from Lansing Community College’s studio theater program, a BA in dual majors of community service/general studies from Siena Heights University. Her education reflects a firm belief that a broad base of knowledge is essential in working productively to improve ones community be it local, national or global. She has been a behind the scenes activist on a wide variety of local, national and international issues for 35 years. She is a playwright, poet and artist. Her art focuses on social commentary and methods of addressing a variety of social ills.

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