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Spring of Sustainability

SoS 300.250 Spring of Sustainability

This huge online summit happens each spring

Real Tools and Insights So YOU Can Be Part of the Solution

Produced by The Shift Network in partnership with the Sustainable World Coalition, the Spring of Sustainability is the world’s largest-ever sustainability events program.

You’ll find it all here. And you’ll be empowered to celebrate, connect and collaborate with others on sustainable efforts from the local to the global.

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Van Jones, Hunter Lovins, Hazel Henderson and Drew Dellinger. Plus the exclusive Getting Real eBook!

Real Tools and Insights So YOU Can Be Part of the Solution

Do you…

  • Want a world that is clean, green and serene… and works for all?
  • Wish that living sustainably could be easier and more economical?
  • Want to make the right sustainability choices, but lack the time to figure out which ones are best for the planet and your lifestyle?
  • Worry about the state of the planet for our children and grandchildren?

Get Inspired & Educated by the Brightest Minds of the Global Sustainability Movement – register for free recordings.

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