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Mirrors of Time: Experience Your Past Lives

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You Can Experience Past Lives From the Comfort of Your Own Home

This is a full two-hour recorded session with Brian Weiss.

First, you’ll better understand the latest in hypnotic and regression therapy. Then Dr. Brian Weiss explains the multiple benefits of healing through past-life hypnosis.  For one, it can alleviate the symptoms and difficulties you’re going through today.  

With cutting-edge exercises, Dr. Weiss leads you through a powerful regression. He also answers questions about regression, past-lives, and experiences with the exercises. 

Do your past-life experiences impact your life today? 

You can definitively determine the involvement of your past into your present by experiencing emotional, spiritual, and physical relief in this life – finding more peace and joy, and feeling more love.

Dr. Brian Weiss is as much experienced as listened to. Brian has changed the face of psychiatry with his theories of past-life regression therapy detailed in his best-selling book Many Lives, Many Masters and numerous doctors now use his techniques.  He has been researching into the power of meditative therapy and regression for decades.

But will it work for You?

The exercises alone are well worth the small cost because you can do them over and over… Discover your past lives!

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