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Living Astrology with Janet Hickox

livingastrology Living Astrology with Janet HickoxThursdays, 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST 

Living Astrology: Tapping into the Magic of the Cosmos for Practical Guidance & Wisdom

Is Astrology a mystery to you? An unfathomable ancient art full of secrets?

Living Astrology is an adventure into demystification of Astrology showing the practical applications of using Astrology in your personal life. Each week Janet delves into a subject – the Planets, the Houses, the Zodiac signs and more. 

You can call in and ask questions about your own chart,  gaining a better understanding of yourself and your destiny. Each week, she features guests that dig deeper into the various disciplines of astrology- Western, Sidereal, Vedic & Mayan, as well as information on other types of divination tools, numerology, oracle and tarot cards and other processes we can use to access our inner knowing.

About Janet Hickox

Spiritual Astrologer, Numerologer & Speaker

A former metaphysical bookstore owner, Janet has been interested in all things spiritual including astrology, numerology, Mayan astrology, the Mayan Calendar and A Course in Miracles for the past 20 years. She studied Biology and Chemistry at Western Washington University and has career experience in Sales and Sales Management. This unique background has helped her blend the world of the left brain and that of the right creating an appreciation for the esoteric and the physical world.

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