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Inna Segal’s Healing Journey

inna segal2 199x300 Inna Segal’s Healing JourneyAustralian best-selling author, Inna Segal, is a world-known healer, speaker, workshop leader, and television personality. Her first book, The Secret Language of the Body: The Essential Guide to Health & Wellness is now available in sixteen languages and into its sixth enthusiastic printing in the US.  In addition, her card deck, The Secret Language of Color, elaborates upon the healing potentialities of forty-five colors, some that are seldom explored in color healing.  Her forthcoming book is The Secret Life of Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life’s Big Questions. (Atria Books/ /Beyond, with Simon & Schuster, September 10th 2013).

Segal is the founder of Visionary Intuitive Healing™, a unique healing system she has devised to involve people actively in their own healing. These processes reflect knowledge and techniques gleaned, and then refined, during her dramatic healing quest. These systems encompass the releasing of limiting emotions and intensive work with color and bioenergetics. Ultimately, those who practice this methodology learn to tap into the subconscious mind, where the beliefs that create illness dwell, building up destructive energy over time. These beliefs need to be transmuted – or just plainly deleted from the psychic mainframe, so that new and empowering ideas can replace them and re-craft empowering and life-affirming outcomes. This process is one of co-creation with the Universal Source or Mind.

Segal’s journey to healing began with her own problems with back pain, anxiety, and psoriasis.  One day, at age twenty, she asked her husband Paul to drive her to the chiropractor. Her pain was very extreme. Bluntly, the chiropractor told Inna that her body was “stuck.” 

Segal replied, “What are you going to do about it?” This is the question that most of us would ask, since we have been acculturated to look to “doctors” as the ultimate source of healing. Yet, the Biblical command of “Physician, heal thyself” seems more apt here.  The implication is that all humans are at least in part, responsible for health, illness, and their own healing. Without that participation, complete healing is unlikely, as allopathic medicine may temporarily banish a problem in one part of the body only to see it emerge in another, since the root of the condition is often never addressed.

The chiropractor responded to his patient that he could do, “Nothing.  Go home.”  Angry, again, as most of us would be, Segal returned home with a deep realization that she needed to somehow participate in her own healing.  Without that, her body would continue being “stuck.”

Award US book cover with award 1 121x150 Inna Segal’s Healing JourneyHer chronic problems began at approximately age eight, and accumulated through her teens.  An aspiring actress, she found herself confronted with much negativity and jealousy.  Later in her healing practice, she would realize that she had absorbed that negativity and translated it into illness in her body.  Many of us believe we become sick through aging, genetic flaws, or absorption of chemical toxins, yet few of us consider how toxic thoughts and emotions may be at the root of our illnesses.  In fact, these toxic thoughts and emotions need not even be our own.

The chiropractor’s seemingly cruel response was a cloaked blessing. Segal began meditating, with the intention of connecting with the Universal Mind. This meditation yielded a warm light entering her body along with a discernible golden light. “It was like a light switch went on and I could see into my back. The vertebrae were quite twisted and inflamed,” she relates. This insight was clearly not all she needed to heal. Segal then asked why at such a young age she would be in this drastic and debilitating situation.

Ingrained feelings about years of lack and disappointment began to emerge.  A career in acting called her, but people told Segal acting just wasn’t viable in Australia – there was never enough work.  She felt defeated. When Segal began to expand her career into writing, teachers also discouraged her, stating, “Good luck. You will never make any money.”  It is difficult to understand the motivation behind such negative remarks, yet aside from being overtly discouraging, they helped plant the seeds of illness.

A deep exploration of her belief system led to the release of abysmal emotions, feeling that had become entombed in her young body. 

War, Immigration, and the Baggage of Generations

2 cover dvd Inna healing  106x150 Inna Segal’s Healing Journey

Originally, Segal and her family came from Russia via Italy, and then entered Australia as immigrants, when she was eleven years old. Upon arriving in that vast continent, she and her family met much rejection and outright discrimination. They did not speak the language.  And while Russia and Australia did not present the same political realities, by any means, Australia was not warmly welcoming.  Every immigrant’s dream is to find a place, an oasis, where he or she can truly take root and through freedom find a version of indiviudalized hopes and dreams. However, many immigrants face a brutal reality of their new circumstances.

Her parents fought much, and Segal wondered about her own safety in this new land.  What would happen if her parents divorced? She absorbed great stress from her parents and their persistent struggles.  School was also a hostile venue, a place of teasing and bullying. The family had little money, and that strained their relationship further. It is of no comfort to anyone undergoing these circumstances that they represent the typical immigrant experience.  It all hurt, and psychic and empathic souls, with their sponge-like auras tend to absorb negativity and try to process what is given to them.

 Knowledge of what had actually occurred and how it was processed bio-energetically proved to be incredibly empowering. Segal told the Universal Mind that she was willing to release the past. Life had been all about drama and conflict, but the present moment did not have to be like that, and that present moment was creating her future.

Clearing Old Energies

Few realize that healing is actually a process of enlightened energy clearing, combined with appropriate protection. “Let’s get to the root of the problem,” is a cliché; however, we seldom know where those roots are, or how to even perceive them. One might consider a beautiful garden that has become over-run with weeds, the weeds representing negative thoughts and events absorbed. The weeds draw life force from the garden.

The Secret of Life Wellness cover final1 117x150 Inna Segal’s Healing Journey

With these life-altering realizations, Segal then began to cleanse genetic and ancestral memories. One of her first epiphanies was about her grandparents, who had gone through World War II.  Segal recounts, “My grandmother literarily lost everyone when she was thirteen, her mother and six brothers and sisters. My grandmother survived then on her own during the next four years of the war.  But she didn’t really talk about it for about fifty years as it was too dangerous in Russia to talk about it.  A lot of that energy was passed on to my mother, my cousins, and me.” 

She and her cousins lived with fears of ending up on the street, although that was not their immediate reality. They had absorbed the feelings of homelessness and disenfranchisement from the grandmother, who lived through and ensouled that reality.  She did not choose to pass her pain onto her family: no matter, the process is subconscious and automatic; if left undiscerned, it simply replicates and lives on.

Next, another epiphany presented more global implications. Not only family members present us with such unwanted People liked to tell Segal their problems; however, afterward she would not feel well; yet, the people she spoke with felt lighter, unburdened, and just simply better. Unconsciously, Segal was absorbing, actually taking on their pain. In fact, absorbing the pain and even illness of others is not unusual among healers.  According to Segal, healers must always be conscious of the need for clearing and self-protection. Many “sensitives” learn this lesson the hard way.

After a number of such moments of divine education, her healing was dramatic but not complete. Segal’s husband, Paul, urged her to pursue the quest.  She lay in bed in meditation with the Universal Healing mind for some three weeks. Segal states, “The biggest thing that pain teaches us is compassion.”  Her initial anger for the chiropractor had been transformed completely; in fact, he had functioned as both a messenger and a teacher, working through a few measured words of tough love, but love, nonetheless. The wisdom that he provided, so abruptly, was that only way the patient could take back her life.

The Secret Langu 4c7efd8e24013 150x150 Inna Segal’s Healing JourneyModern medicine has yet to catch up with these concepts in a way that can be called anything near mainstream, though there is a growing movement of integrative medicine and many doctors and nurses attend Segal’s workshops and presentations. Memory is thought to be the brain’s domain, solely.  Yet, Segal’s work plunges into the newly acknowledged realm of cellular memory. Our bodies, our very cells, recall trauma.  Indeed, this can be carried in our genetic material itself, or it can be the product of residual karma from past lives.  Without the clearance of this debris, we are haunted by the trauma, which vies for our attention, for truly, its very purpose is to be cleared. This is the junk that stands between us and our joy and self-actualization. 

The Healed and the Healer Become One, as Intuition Flourishes

By the end of the initial three-week meditative period, Segal’s back pain, digestive problems and skin conditions had vanished. 

Segal’s husband Paul was very grounded and encouraged her to examine the deep motives behind her desires to heal, as he had observed many in Australia taking this path for the wrong reasons.  Her road needed to be one of absolute integrity, and she needed to be able to verify her results through honing the ability to see clearly into the energetic depths of the people she worked with. Even with her obvious abilities, such complete accuracy would take time, exploration, and the help of many teachers.

Rejuvenating the Body with Color

Segal began to feel a need to work with the power of color, experiencing it, and adding it to her workshop agendas.  In the ancient world, color healing was part of the norm. Color breathing, has remained a constant in Taoist healing traditions, although with the technologies held mostly in secret until recently. Some healers, such as Segal, are now recovering this wisdom, and adding their own unique methods of accessing and working with vibrational color medicine.

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The planet as a whole also needs color healing. Segal prescribes yellow and orange as appropriate colors to the healing of the planet, along with a touch of pink. According to her, “Orange is about our creativity. It is a powerful color for clearing trauma. Yellow entails self- empowerment and inner strength in beliefs, moving forward. Pink is strong in terms of opening the heart of the planet, and softening.”

Segal’s method involves a sharpening of intuition: for example, instinct about using color in one’s life. The colors we wear can reveal something about our body’s energy. The colors of foods we choose to eat also have their messages. Segal uses her color cards and asks workshop participants to connect with a certain part of their bodies and then choose a color card from the deck. Intuitively, they will choose the color that part of the body is asking for, whether it be for healing or sustained health.  Working with the cards should reveal intuitive patterns and open a gateway for communicating with one’s body via color.  For example, the body may ask for red, if it needs the overall energy and vigor to heal, azure blue, if it craves protection, or pink, if it would simply like to fill up with love.

 I suspect that most people in the world today would draw the pink card, a lot.

Inna’s Unique Color Meditation

In keeping with the idea of co-creating health, Segal shows her students how to become colored light generators. First, she asks them to rub their hands together vigorously for about a minute, thus activating the hand chakras. They will have generated a frequency light, with the mind’s eye or through visualization, she asks participants to perceive the color, and even play with it.  What color is it?  Is it heavy?  Light?  Hot or cold?  What other characteristics does the light present? After working and playing with the light, she asks them to place their hands, which hold light, over a part of the body that needs it.  They then direct the light into a particular region of the  body temple. She offers similarly unique exercises for chakra clearing and energizing.

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What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Maybe we all need to consider our need for the healing power of pink, although all colored light connects to love on some level.  The lack of self-love and how to shift this is a huge subject that Segal explores in her upcoming book, and with good reason, since self-loathing is taught to children almost constantly, making it a pattern they take into adulthood. Media bombards us with messages of never being good enough. These ideas become toxic memes in the subconscious. But after perhaps an entire lifetime obscured by programmed self -hatred, how do we see our true selves and find the courage to love and accept the genuine?

Segal encourages us to drop all comparison with others.  We are conditioned to be hard on ourselves, to push ourselves to brutal extremes, often at the cost of our health. Western society extolls this martyrdom. Sleep? Who needs it? A lunch break? A carefree walk? Less than a twelve hour day? Or an eighty hour week? Such ideas could only indicate pernicious laziness.

Self-care tends to be viewed as weakness. Why should we spend an hour meditating when we could be spending that hour making money? Or working out to be model-thin (despite what our genetic make-up may be telling us)?  Segal’s proposes the polar opposite of this worldview, and asks us to be “soft” with ourselves for a change and experience the results – despite what society might say about supposedly self-indulgent behavior.

Enticing  and surely true – but this may be a hard sell to Americans today, who are working harder than ever, and sometimes just surviving, distant from the once Great American dream, now buried in the reality of burgeoning de facto inflation and recession, that for many has caused depression. Memes of the American character seem to have back-fired on our national mental and physical health. As our incomes have decreased, our waistlines have swelled. As our egos have suffered very real attacks, our creativity and resolve, have often dissolved into apathy and despair.  America, itself, often eschews experimentation with color. People who doubt this should try painting their houses pink, or purple, or glimmering chartreuse. We may own the homes, but there are laws about using bright colors in America, and zoning commissions to enforce a beige-ness that reinforces living up to media standards of perfection. We, Americans, are afraid of the cure.

Right Now 4c7f2383d8af0 150x150 Inna Segal’s Healing Journey

I asked Segal why the United States, the country that is supposed to have the best health care and greatest access to healthy food – has the highest heart attack rate in the world. What happens when a culture of Type A strivers hit the wall?  Heart attacks.  She also connected heart attacks to financial distress, an almost ubiquitous fact of American life over the last two decades.

Ongoing Practice

Healing and clearing may be viewed as finite processes; however, the upshot of Segal’s new book points to a much different reality.  Healing and clearing are a part of life-long ongoing practice, one that appeared to me, as I read the book, to be a type of yoga of clearing. The Secret of Life Wellness addresses the most asked questions posed by readers, clients, and workshop participants. Most of the questions are followed by both an explanation and a unique exercise to help the participant experience the answer to the question, first-hand. 

This methodology seems to me as scientific as it is metaphysical. Segal’s methodology encourages experimentation with techniques and journaling of results. Rather than presenting herself as a guru, a role that she could surely embody if she so desired, she writes clearly and completely without pretention. Rather than feeling intimidated, as I proceeded through the book and the exercises, I sensed a very different tone, one of friendship and unity with the reader.  

inna segal Inna Segal’s Healing Journey

And the reader is the new world, emerging.

Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and author of two award winning best-sellers, The Secret Language of your Body and The Secret Language of Color Cards. Inna travels around the world leading courses on self-healing and empowerment. Her practical healing techniques, healing frequency, Internet presence, and radio and television appearances are changing the lives of millions of people all around the world. Further details at

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