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Have a Smart Meter? You Need to See This!

OM Dangers SmartMeter Have a Smart Meter? You Need to See This!

This show is urgent, important and  may chill you to the bone.

Regina Meredith interviewed Josh del Sol for a full hour that was so information-packed, I’ve already listened to it twice. (This is on GaiamTV, which is a paid service, however you can do 10 days free – so you can watch a healthy number of the 10,000 hours-worth that is there.)

A few of the lesser ills were talked about in the beginning – like causing fires, perhaps because in most cases smart meters are not subject to testing on any level, including UL approval.  During the peak usage times, bill hikes can average 10-50% which leaves a question about their accuracy. Doubling and tripling the electricity cost rates paled in comparison to what came later.  

Spilling Your Secrets

Regina has done a remarkable exposé pulling together clips of Edward Snowden describing the data-mining capability, and how it can be used to go back in time to find something wrong. Forest Gamble talks about it’s recent expansion by President Barack Obama.

smart meter 187x300 Have a Smart Meter? You Need to See This!

Elster Smart Meter R15 from Wikipedia.

Quoting  Ian R. Crane, an ex-oilfield executive:

“Part of the smart meter agenda is to literally track every single movement within a house. So every time somebody switches on a light, every time someone switches on an appliance… Each of these appliance(s) has a unique code which is effectively then transmitted through the smart meter down the grid so that anybody down the line that is minded to do so can hone in and actually track what is going on in that household. “

In the same clip, James Turner, a Rights Advocacy Lawyer in Washington, DC, illustrated the kind of profiling that can be done with that information. Even a Congress Research report recognized smart meter snooping  as a violation of the 4th amendment.

A spine-chilling litany of  how we can be psychologically, physically, fiscally and energetically profiled by smart meters continued.  Even your parenting skills can be identified and categorized.

Here’s how Josh del Sol described Verizon’s TV patent… “applied for a US patent in their own languaging – patented the ability for monitoring and detection systems attached to televisions to tell who’s in the room,what products are in the room, what conversations are happening, and what the mood is of those conversations.

Smart meters are making people sick.

This is the REAL danger. What is happening is heart-stopping (literally?).  You’ll see the actual changes in blood cells – your cells, whether you’re experiencing the numerous, and common, symptoms of this degradation yet or not.

In addition to the wireless pollution aspect, the type of energy emitted and carried on the lines has it’s own character. There’s a remarkable graph showing the  sheer power of the signal they actually put out.

Yes, you can have your smart meter removed lawfully and efficiently. Josh and his team are developing all the paperwork. I’m ready to dig in…

 Dangers of the Smart Meter with Josh del Sol | GaiamTV.

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