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Flipping the Switch with Suze Casey

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Wednesdays @11am PT

Discover how to “flip the switch” to positive thoughts and learn how to overcome long held negative beliefs with Suze Casey and her belief re patterning process. Based in cognitive learning theory, educational psychology and years of observation, this proactive technique developed by Suze Casey rebuilds neural pathways and connections, allowing you to think, act and feel differently.

6149 c1 Flipping the Switch with Suze CaseyEach week Suze will help you to discover ways to quickly and almost effortlessly get back on track when life’s stressors have pulled you off.

Author, teacher, radio host, speaker and entrepreneur Suze Casey, MEd, is the developer of the Belief Re-patterningĀ® technique. After a 20-year teaching career, Suze followed her passion by opening a practice based in Canada, where she supports her clients in developing positive belief structures.

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