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Dr. Brian Weiss Workshops – Many Lives, Many Masters

A Full Day Workshop

BW tour Dr. Brian Weiss Workshops   Many Lives, Many MastersReady to experience a past life?  

Dr. Weiss is doing fewer workshops lately so if you get a chance to see him, definitely do it.   When you attend a Dr. Brian Weiss workshop, you’ll know why he is called “the world’s foremost expert in past-life regression.

Professionals and non-professionals alike flock to his lectures.  He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, and Brian L. Weiss M.D. is respected in the highest levels of psychiatry.

As the best of both worlds – a science trained physician and metaphysical student, Dr. Weiss gives the latest science along with practical steps that anybody can follow. He will give you a strong understanding of the mechanisms as well as guiding you to experiencing your own past lives. He easily takes you through the steps to have your own powerful regression. 

Ready to experience a past life?  

Everybody has them – those issues you have that you just can’t overcome -phobias and dislikes that seem fated. They don’t seem go away, no matter how many techniques you’ve tried.  Maybe the answer is simply remembering what caused it in the first place.  You’ll discover a whole new level of healing for your body, mind, heart, and relationships.

brian%20weiss Dr. Brian Weiss Workshops   Many Lives, Many Masters

He also teaches his cutting-edge exercises which give you greater physical and emotional health and can take you to new spiritual heights.

Ready to dump some of that stuff that’s been holding you back?

Ready to experience a past life?  

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Dr. Weiss’ all-day workshops are unforgettable. And they certainly CAN change your life.  

Dr. Weiss also speaks at most of the I Can Do It! Conferences around the country.  A list of all his Hay House Conferences is here. They include Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Austin & Baltimore.