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Debbie Ford’s Life: From Shadow into Light

debbie ford1 trans 293x300 Debbie Fords Life: From Shadow into Light

Debbie Ford was sought out for life-changing guidance because she changed her life so radically, the people reading and listening knew they could do it, too.  Debbie had a unique understanding of personal behavior and the ability to recognize and change negative patterns in herself and others.  

She Lived What She Taught

4902 c1 Debbie Fords Life: From Shadow into Light Her personality was both memorable and unique.  Debbie had an ability to connect on a very personal level.  She was transparent and honest in her interactions with the public, which also showcased her teachings. Honesty played an enormous impact on the knowledge she shared and the success of her professional and personal choices.

Achieving effective communication, career development and recovering after a divorce or other trauma are some of her most popular works. The only limit to future options for relationships, careers and life goals are the ones made each day by people who may not be aware of other options.

Ms. Ford was born in 1955 and died in 2013 from cancer. She will be sorely missed however her teachings will last forever through her books and lectures.

She Taught What She Lived

4906 c1 Debbie Fords Life: From Shadow into Light Debbie Ford’s nine best-selling books emerged from her healing from dark experiences for well over a decade. They were murky.  She was murky. She was a drug addict in her early years with all of the pain and hopelessness that comes with addiction.  In and out of  treatment centers, the darkness was so pervasive that she could see no light… until later…

Debbie’s books guide the process – spiritual divorce, how to find motivation, how to maintain a healthy life and tips for a happier, emotionally fulfilled future.  Millions of people have read Debbie’s books and they’ve been translated into more than 20 different languages.

People, even professionals in healing fields, throw around words such as “Maximizing potential” and “Forgiving yourself”, without actually providing the needed tools or examples to do so.  Debbie’s provides comprehensive guides to help the average person grow and make good choices in the future, regardless of any past mistakes.

Her success has allowed her to provide guidance and helpful suggestions to the people who needed it most. Her ability to communicate these complex subjects in real terms, in public speaking, teaching, coaching and writing, make it easier to look for and implement better choices.  

 Debbie also has several courses available. Here’s her Shadow Effect Course.