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Dating Site Commercial: Ready to Dumb Down for Love?

bu004920 235x300 Dating Site Commercial: Ready to Dumb Down for Love?I just watched a commercial for a singles site.

Yes, I admit it – I was watching broadcast tv “news”.   (I do have a semi-valid excuse for this atrocious behavior.  I like to see what memes are being fed in to the public, and how the media manipulates populations into psychological, emotional and opinion boxes .)

But I digress… back to the commercial.  A couple meet somewhere romantic – I didn’t look up from my computer until I heard the following two jaw-dropping lines:

The woman says, “I’m a sucker for stupid jokes.”  

The man says, “Then you’re going to love me because I’m an idiot.

No shit – that’s what they said.  

I was stunned.  At first, shaking my head, I thought about the titanic money it cost to make that commercial and show it on network television in early evening prime time.  What a waste of resources and, maybe worse, public perception – a PR disaster of sorts.

However, a company that large and technologically savvy  can audience profile in a way that would make even the most advanced marketers envious. So I came to a truly scary realization that this company was probably playing this dating site commercial strategically to their own best target market.    

With trepidation, I looked up the percentage of people who watch the TV News. According to Gallup, its 26% of Americans. Wow. What does that say about that huge demographic as a whole?  

Eliminating a full 25% as researchers, journalists, etc., that leaves 62,000,000 people. (320 million US x 26% x 75%) .  

My question… did 62 million people start out identifying as stupid joke appreciators and self-proclaimed idiots?  Or was it network news that did it.

Well, I think I’ll keep my money.