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Become a Certified Delegate of the Light! with Deborah King

1984detail Become a Certified Delegate of the Light! with Deborah King

Astral Travel:

Become a Certified Guide to the Inner Realm!

Four-Lesson Certification Course

with Deborah King

With this course, you also receive:

  • A copy of Deborah’s newest book: Entangled in Darkness: Seeking the Light.
  • PDF “Seeking the Light Workbook”
  • A 90-minute video lecture from Deborah’s recent appearance at the I Can Do It Conference in Pasadena, California.

What does the world need from us?

As more and more people reach higher states of awareness, there is more compassion, more love, and more willingness to help those who are still living in darkness. So it is up to you to embody the qualities of the light that can lead to the “tipping point” that will bring you more fully into the new World Age.

It is vitally important that you learn how to stay healthy on every level, including the mental, so that you can become a beacon of light for others.

464 large Become a Certified Delegate of the Light! with Deborah KingDeborah teaches you mastery of:

  • How to recognize your own inner darkness
  • How to transform darkness into light
  • How to lose your fear of death
  • How to distinguish mental illness from creative genius, schizophrenia from possession
  • How you can step into the light and help others come more into the light of higher consciousness

Lesson 1: Possessed by Darkness
Evil exists.

  • How will you recognize evil when you are confronted by it?
  • How can you protect yourself?
  • What makes someone susceptible to being possessed?

These questions and many more will be answered in this pivotal event. The greater the light, the happier and healthier we are. Learn what to do to transform your inner darkness into light and to be strong and healthy.

Lesson 2: Madman or Creative Genius?
There is a fine line between geniuses like James Joyce, Beethoven, and Einstein and those who have gone off the deep end into darkness. Why do one out of three people around the world (and almost half of all Americans) suffer from some kind of mental disturbances – from depression to bi-polar schizophrenia? Learn why some people can open fully to the light and experience spiritual ecstasy while others go mad and how to be sure you remain safe.

Lesson 3: Near-Death Experiences
Near-death experiences (NDEs) have been historically downplayed by the main-stream. But recently, a number of highly respected scientists have had their own experiences, and they are telling a different story. What do NDEs, as well as experiences of the light in meditation and through other spiritual practices, show us? Learn what spiritual seekers actually mean by “living in the light,” and why you want to get there. Learn how to speak to others about the light of higher consciousness without sounding like a space cadet.

Lesson 4: Being Strong, Healthy, and in the Light
We are all a combination of darkness and light. The places of darkness within us can block the light and wreak havoc on our relationships, health, finances, and every other aspect of life. Learn how to stay in the light and how to share these transformational techniques with others.

Are You One of the Chosen?

If so, there are three advanced levels of participation…

  • Level 1: As an Envoy of the Light, 
  • Level 2: As an Ambassador of the Light, 
  • Level 3: As an Emissary of the Light, 

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