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Astrologically Speaking with Nick Symington

astrologically speaking Astrologically Speaking with Nick Symington

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Nick Symington uses the sidereal zodiac – which makes the story that the zodiac signs had changed – so that the Sun sign we were used to is actually the sign before it – true. At leas for about 80% of us, that’s true, when using the sidereal zodiac rather than the tropical zodiac, which most people in the West rely on. 

Nick uses the best of both, in planetary relationships…

Astro Nick 150 Astrologically Speaking with Nick Symington

It would be one thing if the meanings of the signs were different in the two zodiacs, but they are quite similar. If we can’t rely on astrological signs, what is consistent regardless of zodiacal preference? Because the wheel of the heavens we perceive can be seen as a circle of 360 degrees, the planets form angular or geometric relationships astrologers call aspects.

These aspects between and among planets will be the same regardless of the zodiac used. So if your Sun sextiles Mars (Sun and Mars separated by 60 degrees) that is true no matter the zodiac. To me, the planets and their aspects are the foundation of astrology.

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